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J Med Allied Sci. Year: 2011, Volume: 1, Issue: 1

  1. Why another journal in medicine?
    Ashfaq Hasan
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 1-1
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  2. Review Article
  3. Helicobacter pylori: “A benign fellow traveler or an unwanted inhabitant”
    Santosh K. Tiwari, Aleem A. Khan, Pratibha Nallari
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 2-6
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  4. Original Article
  5. Clinical utility of polymorphisms in one-carbon metabolism for breast cancer risk prediction
    Shaik Mohammad Naushad, Shree Divyya, Addepalli Pavani, Yedluri Rupasree, Raghunadha Rao Digumarti, Suryanarayana Raju Gottumukkala, Vijay Kumar Kutala
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 7-13
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  6. Original Article
  7. Evaluation of antiulcer activity of Boswellia serrata bark extracts using aspirin induced ulcer model in albino rats
    Khaja Zeeyauddin, Mangamoori Lakshmi Narsu, Muna Abid, Mohammed Ibrahim
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 14-20
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  8. Original Article
  9. Homology modeling and ligand interaction of human trafficking protein particle complex subunit 3-like protein and its correlation with Alzheimer’s disease
    K. Venkata Sri Krishna, M. Uday Kiran, D. Siva Rama Prasad, G. Anusha, V. Mohana Rao, G. Manoj
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 21-24
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  10. Original Article
  11. Pulmonary tuberculosis: A comparative study of conventional methods and serological diagnosis
    Mohammed Khaleel, N. K. Saxena, V. C. Kishore Reddy
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 25-29
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  12. Original Article
  13. Neurodegenerative changes in different regions of brain, spinal cord and sciatic nerve of rats treated with sodium fluoride
    P. Yugandhar Reddy, K. Pratap Reddy, K. Praveen Kumar
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 30-35
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  14. Original Article
  15. Snake bite: Biochemical changes in blood after envenomation by viper and cobra
    K. M. Pradeep Kumar, M.P. Basheer
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 36-41
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  16. Original Article
  17. ACE I/D gene polymorphism in diabetic nephropathy: Clinical implications
    M. Kaleemullah Khan, N. Parimala, Mohammed Ishaq, Mohammed Siraj
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 42-45
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  18. Case Report
  19. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis presenting with orthopnea in a patient with COPD and obstructive sleep apnea
    Ashfaq Hasan, Amrit B. Saxena, Syed Mahmood Ahmed, T. L. N. Swamy
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 46-49
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  20. Other
  21. Medicine is ever changing, so also medical practitioners
    Mohammed Asif Haneef
    J Med Allied Sci. 2011; 1(1): 50-51
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